Quilts Quilts and more Quilts!

I’ve been on quite a quilting spree lately.  I recently discovered a marvelous type of baby quilt- the heirloom chenille baby quilt.   The basic tutorial is over at The Aesthetic Nest and I have already had the opportunity to make two variations of the quilts.  One was with my FAVORITE style of fabric- Chevrons.  Here is the finished product:



(Sorry about the bad lighting- I just wanted to share pictures so badly I didn’t have time to edit!)

I just love the bright colors of the chevron…so cheerful and it is able to be used for a baby boy or girl…Of course, by hands didn’t really like all of the cutting and I ended up with a few blisters from the scissors- but the finished product is well worth the blister or two!

  The next quilt that I completed is most definitely girly girly!  Lots of pinks, whites and brown – and a different method of quilting the fabric that allows for a much smaller chenille on the back… wishing I had the ability to make one my size so that I can sit on the couch all wrapped up in it!

Pink Chenille baby quilt

Here is an up close view of the chenille on the back… so soft….

Chenille Upclose

Getting ready to start on quilt number three tonight… here is a sneak peak of the fabrics that I’ll be using on this one!  Keep checking back for an update with the finished quilt!



  1. Amanda says:

    Wow!! I love it! I have never seen a quilt like this before! Love the blog 😉

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