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You’ll have to forgive me for the amount of time between the last post and now.  I had a rather large 3 day craft fair in November that I participated in (and was slightly depressed when it didn’t go as planned- hello excess inventory!), then with the whirlwinds of the holidays, I blinked and here it is March.

This post will be a “catch up” post of kinds to let you know what I’ve been doing all this time- keeping busy for sure!

First the large craft fair!  My crafty friend Cindy and I teamed up to fill a 10 by 20 booth at the Yule Mart 2014- it was a three day craft fair held at the Crown Expo Center in Fayetteville, NC.  We both brought a LOT of handmade goods- and while it was busy, we also both brought HOME a lot of handmade goods (NOT in the plan).  It’s tough to gauge what your potential customers will want at a show and make all of that stock ahead of time… thankfully we decided to bring along my big 6 needle embroidery machine to offer monogram services on site- and that saved our bacon big time- that extra touch seemed to help people make the decision to purchase with us instead of either buying online or buying from another booth…  Thankfully I was able to sell some of the excess inventory at a local Momma friendly shop, Bumbledoo, as well as on my Facebook Page… there is still some leftover, but not nearly what I was left with at the beginning.

Immediately following the Craft Fair, I went into full time Christmas Sewing mode- and made 9 (yes 9) sets of matching pajamas for Alex and some of his cousins (Basically the ones that were all still tiny!)…. it is a cute tradition and I didn’t see any pajamas that I liked to purchase commercially, so I decided to just make them myself! 

Cousins Jammies

Following the holidays I went right into more projects- birthday outfits, pillows – you name it, I made it!  I also completed all the required paperwork and documents to ensure that the business side of The Sew Chic Mommy LLC was fully CPSIA compliant – and believe me, that is a HUGE process in itself!!

Anyways, it is GOOD to be back- I’ll be much better about posting more regularly now (New Years Resolution!) and I’m looking forward to hearing about some of the winter projects YOU have been working on!  For now, I’ll leave you with some of the projects that I did!10405282_816588975101603_7512110388235677209_n 10457540_813822822044885_2521562828136863704_n 10985213_816001418493692_7986127196173888087_n Family Tree Pillow Hall Tree Photo (1 of 1) Katie's Play Tent (1 of 1) Katie's Play Tent (3 of 11) Katie's Play Tent (4 of 11) Katie's Play Tent (5 of 11) The Sew Chic Mommy, LLC Easter Nova (1 of 1) The Sew Chic Mommy, LLC Patsy Pete Quilt (2 of 1) The Sew Chic Mommy, LLC Tweetie Bird Dress (1 of 1)



  1. Linda Thompson says:

    Are you done blogging…I see not a thing after November and March

    1. Sorry! We are expecting and I’ve been very sick this time around!

  2. Linda Thompson says:

    I loved reading your blog! But, more importantly wish you the very best with this precious babe! May you start feeling better this last trimester. Hugs…

    1. Thank you so much! Hopefully after she is born I can get onto a more regular schedule of fun projects… I did not anticipate being sick ALL day long with “morning sickness” for almost 7 months this time around- with my son, I hardly knew I was pregnant (unless I looked down at my tummy that is ha ha!)

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