Out with the old and In with the NEW!

Just a quick check in to my friends and family in the blog universe!  We welcomed our little daughter in November, and promptly had the most STRESSFUL month ever following – complete with her contracting RSV from older brother at 12 days, and requiring emergency transport to the hospital and a PICU stay for 4 days when said RSV turned into Bacterial Pneumonia despite our best efforts to keep her healthy!  She is now fully recovered (and we are just now starting to live life and discover the challenges of a family of 4!) so I’m looking forward to getting back into projects… but FIRST, I need to do a HUGE inventory reduction sale of my existing inventory. After all, how is a fabric hoarder supposed to support the fabric habit if there isn’t any room to put the new stuff (and sadly, knocking down the wall and lowering the ceiling in our master bedroom to make room isn’t an option. Believe me, I asked…SO, if you’re in a shopping mood, head on over to my business facebook page, The Sew Chic Mommy and check out ALL of the deeply discounted items on the wall.  If you see something that suits your fancy, simply comment on the photo with your email and I will send you a Pay Pal invoice and get it shipped out to you ASAP.

Just so you know, with all my garment construction, I serge (overlock) all seams, and use rolled hems quite a bit.  Everything is top stitched and MADE TO LAST, because we all know that if a kiddo loves something, they will wear it again and again (and again and again).  Here are just a few of the items that are available!12507385_973329256094240_8911427825104717457_n 12552875_973275262766306_5316407149483910073_n 12553068_973326246094541_3198359486051635657_n

Thanks so much for your support, and looking forward to an exciting 2016 with you all!!

Happy Crafting!




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