Tummy Trouble Rice Comfort Bag Tutorial and FREE Pattern

Hi everyone!  Popping in to share something that I made for my poor gassy little baby that seemed to REALLY help her – and wanting to share the hand drawn pattern and tutorial so that those of you out there with babies that have tummy trouble as well!

The pattern is based off of the “Frederick T. Frog” NICU weighted positioner that our daughter used while she was in the hospital for her RSV/Pneumonia scare at 3 weeks (yes, momma has some more grey hairs because of that).  We noticed that she would immediately calm down if we put the weighted positioner on her when sleeping – that the light pressure helped her go to and stay asleep longer…

When she started having serious reflux and gas issues, I started putting her in a nice warm bath to calm her down- which would work instantly… but the minute you took the warm water off her tummy she was upset again.  I decided to combine the two elements that seemed to sooth her the most- the gentle pressure of a “weighted blanket” and the warmth from a rice sock style heated compress.

First, gather your supplies – not too many for this project.

Flannel (I used flannel just because it is softer and seems to hold the warmth longer)

Batting (I used wrap n’ zap by Pellon – it is made to go into the microwave and hold heat)

3 cups of rice



Creating the bag is straight forward.  When cutting out, ADD 1/2 inch seam allowance to the outer edges of the pattern.  Place your flannel pieces right side together, and your batting on the outside of each (so the flannel will be sandwiched between the batting).  Sew (or serge, in my case) a 1/2 inch seam allowance starting on one of the sides.  You can also sew about 2 inches of either side of the flat bottom (so that a hole is left open to turn the rice bag right side out and fill with your rice).  If you’re using a traditional sewing machine, I recommend 2 passes with the sewing machine – one at 1/2 inch inseam and one at 3/8… you can never be too safe after all!

Turn your tummy time comfort bag right side out and work your finger along the curved spots to make them lay as flat as possible… fill with your 3 cups of rice, then sew the bottom closed with a 1/8 inch seam allowance. Shake the rice to the top (the “arm portion) and then sew a 1/2 inch allowance on the bottom as well – again, you can’t be too safe!


Now heat up in your microwave (we do 1 minute) so that it is WARM (not hot), give it a shake and let those little rumbly tummies enjoy!  I would say we have a happy customer here (and big brother sneaking in to try it out as well!)



I have inserted the pattern as a PDF, so please let me know if you have any issues with it!  Thanks and happy sewing!




  1. Jackie Sorenson says:

    Couldn’t find or open the PDF. for the pattern. Two grandbabies in the NICU. I saw them using them there. Would like to make some for when they come home. Thanks!

    1. Hi Jackie- let me see if the link is working… if you want, I can send you an email with a copy of the PDF!

  2. Samantha says:

    I can’t seem to find the pattern either. Am I missing it somewhere (very possible)?

    1. Hi Samantha- there should be a link- let me see if I can adjust the blog post to include the pattern link at the bottom of the tutorail as well!

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