Lace embellished hooded towel tutorial

Hello again everyone!

I wanted to share a fun (and quick) tutorial to make an awesome gift for a shower (or your own little princess)- one that takes luxury to a whole new level for the little princesses in your life!

For the hooded towel, you will need the following supplies:

1 bath towel

1 hand towel

1/2 yard of cotton fabric

24 inches of lace trim ( I like to have a little extra in case of a snag etc)

Decorative ribbon (to tie the bow around the towel when finished).

Supplies for hooded towel
Supplies for hooded towel

Step 1:  Take your hand towel and trim off the finished edges on both sides – when I trim, I like to leave a small amount of the finished “decorative” section- this will help prevent fraying of the towel when you attach the hood to the main towel body- and is especially helpful if you do not have an overlocker/serger to finish the seams.IMG_7439

Step 2:  Remove approximately 3 to 4 inches from ONE of the long sides of the towel – the raw edge will be the back of your hood, and you will use the finished edge as the front of your hood. It is personal preference if you want to take a little more (for instance, if the towel is for a baby) or a little less (if the towel is for a child).


Step 3:  Lay your fabric out and place your hooded towel piece on top- I like to cut about an inch extra all the way around the towel to allow for pressing, fabric shifting slightly etc.  Remember, you can always trim excess away- you cannot add on once it is cut!


Step 4:  Press under one LONG side of the fabric and pin the fabric to the towel for your hood.  You want to pin the pressed under hem CLOSE to the finished edge of the towel- but not completely overlapping it.


Step 5:  Stitch down the fabric to the hooded towel piece that you just pinned (just along the front).  I use a 1/8 inch seam to tack this piece down.


Step 6- Take your lace trim and place where you want on the towel- for this project, I wanted it to be almost flush with the front.  Pin the lace in place- ensure that it is completely pinned down as you don’t want it to shift during stitching.


Step 7- Going carefully, stitch completely around your lace trim.  As this is a towel that will be washed and used, I wanted to make sure that it was completley stitched down and had no chance of coming up after use. I stitched a long running stitch along the bottom of the lace, and then stitched a triangle shape following the shape of the trim. Make sure you match your thread the best you can!


Step 8- Now it is time to create the hood shape! Fold your hooded towel piece, right sides together, in half. I’ve found that 7 inches of stitching up the back raw edge makes a generous size hood for babies and children. Mark your 7 inch stopping point with a pin ( you will have 3 inches of open space above the pin).  Stitch the back portion using a 1/2 inch seam allowance.  If you do not have an overlocker/serger, I recommend doing a straight stitch and then trimming exess fabric from the 7 inch section and doing a zig zag stitch to prevent fraying of the towel. If you DO have a serger, don’t worry about serging the seam just yet- we have to stitch the top portion!


Step 9- Press the section that is still open (that 3 inch section on the fold) to create the “hood” shape- you will be stitching on either side of the 7 inch seam you just sewed. I’ve taken a few photos to try and show what i mean by this step… When you are finished with the stitching, it will look like a Y shape as a seam line along the back of the hood.  Again, if you don’t have an overlock/serger, I highly recommend zig zag stitching it to prevent fraying.  If you DO have a serger, now is the time to over lock the three seams. Be sure to tie off/ secure your serger threads!

Top of hood pressed down to create “seam line” for stitching
The seam line for stitching as shown by my wooden pick here.
What the outer section of the pressed hood should look like before stitching.
Stitched and trimmed hood piece- notice the Y shape of the stitching.

Step 10:  Attach your hood to your main towel- I like to press a seam in the main towel to ensure that I’m attaching the center back seam to the center of the towel…Then pin in place and stitch.  Again, if you have a regular machine and no serger, I recommend that you zig zag stitch in addition to a straight stitch.  I used a 1/2 inch seam allowance to attach the hood to the towel.


Make sure you tie off your serger ends!


And there you have it- a beautiful, unique hooded towel, that works great as a gift!  If you want to be REALLY unique and have the capability, I also added a beautiful monogram on the back of the towel- no chance in denying which princess owns this beauty now, is there?!


Tie your ribbon around to complete the gift wrapping and you are done!


Happy Sewing!



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