Brown and Blue and FABULOUS all over!

I just finished the latest heirloom baby quilt and could not be more in love with this style of baby quilt…  Found an amazing fabric for the top (love love LOVE the design) and of course, 3 layers of comfy flannel for the back, all in colors that coordinated well with the front fabric.  Here is some eye candy for you!


What’s that you say, you want a close up of the fabric? Here is a closer look at the top fabric for you. Yup, completely smitten with this turquoise, white and brown design that just sort of meanders all over the fabric.


And of course, my favorite part- the flannel chenille backing…


And a close up of that…



On a side note, I DID manage to not get too bad of a blister this time while cutting the endless 1/2 inch channels of fabric on the back… by wearing my super awesome neon green 1980’s style (fingerless of COURSE) crafting gloves that I just picked up at Wal-Mart (think compression socks for your hands).  And yes, if you do wonder, I was rocking out to some Journey and Pat Benetar while sewing and cutting away…

So there it is, my latest creation!  I’ll be listing it over in my ETSY shop shortly, so head on over there if you’re interested.. it’s one of a kind and made with lots of LOVE.

♥ Stephanie

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